5 Reasons aluminum should never be used in Smoking devices!

Aluminum should not be used in smoking devices like pipes, bongs, or other smoking apparatuses for several reasons, primarily due to potential health concerns associated with its use.

1.     Off-gassing and Health Concerns: Aluminum is a metal that can potentially release harmful particles and gases when heated to high temperatures, especially in the presence of direct flame. When aluminum is heated, it can release aluminum oxide particles and other compounds that could be inhaled when using a smoking device. These particles can be detrimental to respiratory health and might contribute to lung irritation or other health issues.

2.     Toxic Fumes: At elevated temperatures, aluminum can oxidize and release fumes that are potentially toxic when inhaled. These fumes might include compounds like aluminum oxide and aluminum hydroxide, which can have adverse effects on the respiratory system.

3.     Metal Contamination: Over time, the repeated heating and cooling cycles that occur when using a smoking device can cause the aluminum to degrade, potentially leading to metal contamination of the smoke. Inhaling particles of degraded aluminum can be harmful to health, as the body may not be able to effectively eliminate these particles.

4.     Potential Reactions with Smoke: The chemicals present in the smoke being inhaled can interact with the aluminum, potentially leading to the formation of new compounds that are harmful when inhaled.

5.     Potential Allergic Reactions: Some individuals might be sensitive or allergic to aluminum, and exposure through smoking devices could trigger adverse reactions.

For these reasons, it is generally recommended to avoid using aluminum in smoking devices. Instead, it’s better to choose materials that are known to be safe for heating and inhaling, such as borosilicate glass, ceramic, or stainless steel. These materials are less likely to release harmful substances when heated and are therefore considered safer choices for smoking device construction.

It’s important to prioritize your health and make informed choices when using smoking devices or any other products that involve inhaling substances. If you have concerns about the materials used in your smoking device, consider exploring alternative options that are designed with safety in mind.

EPIC REVIEW: Keep Your Bong Clean with Piece Water

The folks over at Cannvocate took the time to review PIECE WATER SOLUTION and we’re thrilled! Watch the video here:

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If you’re interested in lampworking and functional art you’ll definitely want to listen to the fantastic podcast “Talking Out Your Glass”. TOYG features in depth conversations with the masters of glass blowing and the functional glass art movement. Host extraordinaire Shawn Waggoner is the former editor of Glass Art Magazine and her silky smooth voice and thoughtful questions set her subjects at ease. The results are often very informative and entertaining interviews. Piece Water Solution is a proud sponsor of this great podcast. The latest podcast features none other than the ultra talented Devin Somerville aka Crunklestein.

With over 20 years on the torch developing his skills, Crunklestein has created a unique aesthetic that is instantly recognizable as his own. Using his own millefiore that he tirelessly creates in his studio, Crunklestein stacks these millies to sculpt his pieces. The Chameleon and other creatures of the natural world are frequent motifs in Crunklestein’s glass work. In Crunklestein’s interview, he teaches about this “chip stack” technique. If you are a fan of Crunklestein and want to learn more about functional glass art you’ll definitely want to give it a listen here:


Titled: Prescott
This Piece Uses some old Crunklestein’s techniques the “wrap and rake” and “fume dots”
Crunklestein’s millefiore. He Uses his own custom Millie to build his pieces.
This piece is titled: Fandango “fanny” Rojas
Titled: Brent. Crested kingfisher

To see more of Crunklestein’s remarkable work you’ll definitely want to follow his instagram account here.

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