5 Ways Piece Water Can Take Your Bong From Gross To Gold

Fact: Bongs were designed for the everyman by Stoner Jesus. OK, that’s not a fact, but still. Bongs come in an endless variety of shapes and sizes. The water element means they’re less harsh than a pipe or joint, and they’re fun to smoke. Has a bong ever let you down? I don’t think so. Basically, they’re the MVP of smoking devices.

But when it comes to the everyday use of bongs, there’s always been a bittersweet element: bong water. Let’s face it, grimy, nasty bong water is the ultimate stoner boner killer. Here are five ways Piece Water can keep your bong clean and your smoking experience lit.

Protect your lungs. They’re the only ones you’ve got.

No one likes to think about the negative side effects of smoke — especially when you’re smoking. Stave off paranoia by letting Piece Water filter out all the harmful particulates. With Piece Water filtering the smoke, you won’t have to worry about inhaling ash, harmful compounds like polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, or tar. Just try not to panic thinking about all of those times you smoked without Piece Water in your bong.

Give the air fresheners a rest.

If you’re like most avid smokers, then you’ve likely got a whole collection of incense, scented candles, and potent perfumes to keep the smelly byproducts of smoking at bay. Piece Water literally blasts those skunky scents out of the water by binding unwanted molecules way more efficiently than tap water. Yep, hot-boxing in your childhood bedroom just got a whole lot easier.

Spend less time cleaning and more time smoking.

While the lazy pothead stereotype is changing, that doesn’t mean we want to spend all of our time cleaning. So why not let Piece Water do the dirty work for you? Put Piece Water in your bong exactly as you would with normal water and smoke to your heart’s content. Around 40 bowls later (or 100 in my case), you may start to notice some buildup. In that case, all you have to do is rinse your bong with warm water, and you’re back in action! A clean bong is a clean mind and it doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Save money so you can buy more green.

So, you know how using Piece Water means you’ll spend less time cleaning your bong? Well, less effort scrubbing and scraping also means less money spent on expensive, toxic cleaners and brushes. For just $25, you’ll get three 12-ounce bottles of Piece Water that’ll essentially last you a lifetime. Not a bad deal for an all-purpose cleaner/miracle worker.  You can get that deal here

It’s all smooth sailing from here on out.

At the end of the day, you want your bong rips to be smooth — not a smokey sucker punch to the throat. Piece Water gives you a smoother ride, and consequently, a better high. What’s not to love?

Bonus Pro Tip: Freeze a couple Piece Water ice cubes next time you want to take your bong-ripping game to the next level. Throwing an ice cube or two into your bong will cool down the smoke and freezing Piece Water will ensure you don’t dilute that liquid gold when the cube melts. You’re welcome.